CSSR-QS is the Consumer credit arm of Qualis debt charity in Scotland. The Scottish group of the organisation has successfully repaid over £13Million to creditors and helped over two thousand Scots enter into arrangements which will help them pay back all of their debts but at a more affordable rate.

How we have helped

Working within Scottish legislation we have worked hard since 2011 to develop our support for residents in Scotland as the debt solutions available in Scotland are different to England, Wales and Northern Ireland. 2012 seen the opening of our Glasgow and Edinburgh branches which facilitate over 100 staff who deal with client and creditor enquiries in Scotland.

We have advised Scottish Parliament recently on the new trust deed Scotland regulations and promoted their new debt arrangement scheme which will provide home owners with debt problems a via solution besides insolvency. Before the introduction of the Scottish Debt Arrangement Scheme the only alternative available to Scottish residents was the informal and often dangerous debt management plans which, being informal, mean that your creditors could call for your sequestration resulting in the loss of your home and any valuable assets you may own.

Trust Deed Scotland

The official trust deed site for Scotland and the rest of the UK hosts a large amount of details about the Scottish trust deed but in Short:

The trust deed was brought into force in 1985 as part of the Scottish bankruptcy law. It is a scheme whereby those wishing to register for insolvency who also have a disposable income  can do so while paying back a portion of the debt. The payment will be determined by a qualified money adviser who will go through a debt criteria form to determine what you can genuinely afford to pay to your debt each month and from there you will then be signed up to the trust deed legally giving your assets and personal finances over to a ‘trustee‘.

The trustee will contribute your monthly payment to the creditors that you owe money to and from there you will then be required to make your monthly affordable payment for a period of four years (this length of time can be longer if you have any equity tied up in your home. www.paulgillooly.com has an interesting article about this.


Sequestration is the legal term for bankruptcy in Scotland which is usually thought of as the last resort to dealing with money problems as it means your credit rating is affected for 6 years and your assets will be taken into account. The fee for sequestration is an up-front amount of £200 payable to the AIB, after your name appears in the register of insolvencies you will be required to contribute anything you can afford to the bankruptcy until discharged. If you are a low earner and have no disposable income then you will not be required to contribute anything to the bankruptcy besides the up front fee of £200.

For debt advice scotland  you should speak to a qualified Scottish money adviser before entering into any solution or pursuing insolvency.

The Positive and Negative effects of IVA Debt Calculator

The acronym IVA stands for Individual Voluntary Arrangement. This is a voluntary agreement between a debtor and his or her creditors, which is legally recognized. Though, this debt free strategy has lots of enticing attributes yet, there are also some shortcomings attach to it. Even at that, you should not compromise leveraging this service if it suits your debt situation, due to its consequences. In fact, because of the beauty of IVA, the debtors who have leveraged this service in the United Kingdom cannot stop recommending it to others in UK that has debt issues. However, this article will try to unveil the positive and negative effects of IVA calculator to the debtor.

The positive effect of IVA debt calculator includes the followings;

  • Exact Payment: Indeed, once you leverage the service of IVA debt calculator, the creditors are forbid by law from collecting any interest or extra cost from the debtor.
  • Periodical Payment: The IVA debt calculator will ensure that you will be paying your debt in installment under an affordable amount agreed by the creditors.
  • Legal Bind: Any agreement taken when undertaking this debt free strategy is legally recognized and must be obeyed by the both parties.
  • Aside of court Proceedings: Though, this debt free is legally recognized, it does not involve any court summon or action in making the agreement deed. Rather, the agreement deed is peaceful made between the debtor and creditors.
  • Safeguarding of your reputation: Unlike the bankruptcy, this approach is privately done. In that regard, there no possibility of publishing of the debtor’s name in the national gazette or posting online. Beside, your professional status will not be affected.
  • Rid from Debt burden: Upon acceptance of IVA debt calculator, you debt burdens will be relieve and eventually you will be totally free after 5 years.

On the other hand, the followings are the negative effect of IVA debt calculator:

  • Restriction from borrowing: You will not be allowed to use credit card, when you are still under the agreement of IVA. That means you are restricted from borrowing within 5 years. This is because, you creditworthiness has derailed due to your insolvency.
  • Risk of Bankruptcy:  There is risk of a debtor being declared bankrupt. However, this can only occur when the debtor is unable to redeem the periodical agreed payment. In that case, the creditor will force debtor to accept his or her insolvency in the court of law.
  • Wreck in financial status: Indeed, the IVA debt calculator debt free will surely shake the financial strength of the debtor. However, it may take the debtor lots of years to regain his or her financial stand again.

Notwithstanding, you should always ensure that you leverage the service of a reliable company to advise you accordingly based on your debt circumstance. This is because; a particular debt free strategy does not suit every debt situation. Moreover, you can easily get a standard debt adviser with good review by searching through the search engine such as Google, Yahoo and others.

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